Homonyms - Quiz 32

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  1. The director was dissatisfied with the stage set so he made the crew ___ it to the ground and rebuild.
    a. raise
    b. rays
    c. raze

  2. The letter was made secure with ___ wax that had the company imprint on it.
    a. ceiling
    b. sealing

  3. The loud noise made her ___ during the speech.
    a. pause
    b. paws

  4. The lawyer entered the ___.
    a. pleas
    b. please

  5. I will ___ remember you..
    a. always
    b. all ways

  6. A deer can also be called a ___.
    a. hart
    b. heart

  7. A lack of oil made the engine ___.
    a. seize
    b. sees

  8. I need to put some ___ in my bicycle tire.
    a. air
    b. heir

  9. Mother ___ whenever I ask her to do something.
    a. sighs
    b. size

  10. Please say "Cheese" ___ now so that I can take the picture.
    a. altogether
    b. all together

  11. Mother's ashes are kept in this ___.
    a. earn
    b. urn

  12. Apple ___ is my personal favorite.
    a. pi
    b. pie

  13. Watch ___ language
    a. yore
    b. your
    c. you're

  14. The ___ of her dress ripped open.
    a. seam
    b. seem

  15. The ___ of her dress had lace trim.
    a. yoke
    b. yolk

  16. The ___ around the castle was full of crocodiles.
    a. moat
    b. mote

  17. ER is a popular television ___.
    a. cereal
    b. serial

  18. She planted daisies to make a floral ___ around her yard.
    a. boarder
    b. border

  19. The dictator wanted to ___ power.
    a. seas
    b. seize

  20. The orchestral piece ending with a loud ___ crash.
    a. symbol
    b. cymbal

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