Homonyms - Quiz 33

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  1. Be sure to ___ the front desk for messages when you return.
    a. check
    b. cheque

  2. Be sure there is enough daylight to make your ___ down the mountain.
    a. decent
    b. descent

  3. Give me a ___ five.
    a. hi
    b. high

  4. Tie the ___ tighter.
    a. not
    b. knot

  5. Los Vegas is a great place to ___ but not always a place to win.
    a. gamble
    b. gambol

  6. Chuck heard his team mates ___ when his shot missed the goal.
    a. groan
    b. grown

  7. Heat will open every ___ of your skin.
    a. pore
    b. pour

  8. The ship was moored at the end of the ___.
    a. key
    b. quay

  9. The priest put the sacraments on the ___.
    a. altar
    b. alter

  10. The sailor was an expert at tying every kind of ___.
    a. knot
    b. not

  11. This field will be the ___ of the new shopping center.
    a. cite
    b. sight
    c. site

  12. What gives you the ___ to tell me what to do?
    a. right
    b. rite
    c. wright
    d. write

  13. The child felt deep ___ when his mother found out that he had lied about how the plate was broken.
    a. gild
    b. guild
    c. guilt

  14. The ball broke the window ___.
    a. pain
    b. pane

  15. She told the campers a scary ___ about a mysterious murder.
    a. tail
    b. tale

  16. The soloists joined the rest of the singers for the closing ___.
    a. chorale
    b. corral

  17. The vampire decided to step out for a quick ___.
    a. bight
    b. bite
    c. byte

  18. The members of the ___ were expected to pay yearly dues.
    a. gild
    b. guild
    c. guilt

  19. Films must be screened by a ___ before they are shown.
    a. censor
    b. censure
    c. sensor

  20. It is my ___ to read.
    a. tern
    b. turn

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