Homonyms - Quiz 34

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  1. Cars and insurance are hard to ___.
    a. cell
    b. sell

  2. Decaying fish makes an extremely ___ smell.
    a. foul
    b. fowl

  3. Every night I like to read ___ to my children.
    a. allowed
    b. aloud

  4. Learning by ___ memorization is not the most efficient method.
    a. rote
    b. wrote

  5. A woman can become a ___ or a priest in the Anglican Church.
    a. known
    b. none
    c. nun

  6. Every night before bedtime, Grandfather would ___ his watch.
    a. wind
    b. wined
    c. whined

  7. The congress passed a vote of ___ against the president.
    a. censor
    b. censure
    c. sensor

  8. She wanted to give her baby a natural ___ at home instead of in the hospital.
    a. berth
    b. birth

  9. An important spice is made from ___ seeds.
    a. fennel
    b. phenol

  10. A person under the age of 20 is called a ___ in Japan.
    a. miner
    b. minor

  11. The swordsman made a ___ to the right before advancing on his opponent.
    a. faint
    b. feint

  12. Wait for me __ the car.
    a. in
    b. inn

  13. The dark clouds were a sure ___ of rain.
    a. sign
    b. sine

  14. The horse's ___ needs to be brushed daily.
    a. main
    b. mane

  15. She survived by her ability to ___ and guile.
    a. while
    b. wile

  16. You must ___ faster to win the race.
    a. pedal
    b. peddle

  17. A rucksack is sometimes called a ___ sack.
    a. knap
    b. nap

  18. The assassin choked his victim with a ___.
    a. garret
    b. garrote

  19. All was ___ at the farm on the night before the storm.
    a. quiet
    b. quite

  20. The busy ___ passed in front of the hospital.
    a. road
    b. rode
    c. rowed

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