Homonyms - Quiz 35

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  1. Is that a ___ tree or a birch tree?
    a. beach
    b. beech

  2. Bread tastes better the longer you ___ the dough.
    a. need
    b. knead

  3. The little boy needed to ___ so his mother stopped the car.
    a. pea
    b. pee

  4. For better texture you must ___ the dough longer.
    a. knead
    b. kneed
    c. need

  5. The retired couple went on a pleasure ship ___ to the East Indies.
    a. crews
    b. cruise

  6. The national anthem of the gold ___ winner is played during the awards ceremony.
    a. medal
    b. meddle

  7. Are you ___ dressed?
    a. already
    b. all ready

  8. The sour milk made Evelyn ___.
    a. retch
    b. wretch

  9. The student __ meets every Wednesday.
    a. counsel
    b. council
    c. consul

  10. The drunkard walked along the street with an unsteady ___.
    a. gait
    b. gate

  11. The novelist worked feverishly on his final ___.
    a. draft
    b. draught

  12. I do my best to be frank and ___.
    a. earnest
    b. Ernest

  13. Company ___ dropped when the cutback and layoffs were announced.
    a. moral
    b. morale

  14. I will have ___ of your silliness.
    a. none
    b. nun

  15. Out of ___, out of mind.
    a. cite
    b. sight
    c. site

  16. He was in a ___ after she broke up with him.
    a. days
    b. daze

  17. A baby born feet first is called ___ baby.
    a. breach
    b. breech

  18. Lake ___ is one of the five Great Lakes.
    a. eerie
    b. Erie
    c. eyrie

  19. I can ___ many references to support this position.
    a. cite
    b. sight
    c. site

  20. This taxi is not for ___.
    a. higher
    b. hire

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