Homonyms - Quiz 36

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  1. It is a serious offence to ___ the army.
    a. desert
    b. dessert

  2. The area was ___ for gold since 1900.
    a. mind
    b. mined

  3. Diane Fossey was famous for her work with the mountain ___ groups in Rwanda.
    a. gorilla
    b. guerrilla

  4. A ___ is a type of monk.
    a. friar
    b. fryer

  5. A ___ is a type of shellfish.
    a. muscle
    b. mussel

  6. A ___ is a type of stringed instrument.
    a. liar
    b. lyre

  7. He took the ___ of a policeman in the school play.
    a. role
    b. roll

  8. He yelled at the football game unti he was ___.
    a. hoarse
    b. horse

  9. He joined a ___ of singers, dancers and actors.
    a. troop
    b. troupe

  10. What do you get if you ___ two plus two?
    a. ad
    b. add

  11. A ___ of water buffalo were resting beside the river when the lions attacked.
    a. heard
    b. herd

  12. Clothes will dry faster if you ___ them out well.
    a. ring
    b. wring

  13. This is the ___ of the proposed library building.
    a. sight
    b. site
    c. cite

  14. I was wondering if you ___ busy.
    a. were
    b. where

  15. If flowers are left out of water they will wither and ___.
    a. die
    b. dye

  16. He was a ___ enough fellow even if he was not wealthy.
    a. decent
    b. descent

  17. I am the ___ who got it.
    a. won
    b. one

  18. Trans-Pacific flights usually carry two different flight ___.
    a. crews
    b. cruise

  19. A favorite topping for hot dogs is ___.
    a. mustard
    b. mustered

  20. You deserve a long ___.
    a. rest
    b. wrest

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