Homonyms - Quiz 37

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  1. The jet ___ through the atmosphere.
    a. soared
    b. sword

  2. Bad news reporting makes me see ___.
    a. read
    b. red

  3. A show dog is a thorough __.
    a. bread
    b. bred

  4. He had no food, the poor ___.
    a. retch
    b. wretch

  5. He ___ deeply as he remembered their summer in Paris.
    a. sighed
    b. side

  6. He ___ and dined his lady friend every night.
    a. wind
    b. wined
    c. whined

  7. It was an ___ light that shone over the street.
    a. eerie
    b. Erie
    c. eyrie

  8. One of the most challenging jobs is to ___ children.
    a. raise
    b. rays
    c. raze

  9. If you do not wash your skin properly the ___ will become clogged.
    a. pores
    b. pours

  10. Modern buildings had a heat and smoke ___ in every room.
    a. censor
    b. censure
    c. sensor

  11. The jockey held the horse's ___ lightly.
    a. rains
    b. reigns
    c. reins

  12. Subtract the weight of the truck, or the ___, from the total weight and you will know how much grain is in the bin.
    a. tare
    b. tear

  13. The secret to tightrope walking is to grasp the rope between the toes and distribute one's weight evenly on the soles of one's ___.
    a. feat
    b. feet

  14. The wedding cake had five ___.
    a. tears
    b. tiers

  15. I would ___ stay here with you forever.
    a. fain
    b. feign

  16. In feudal times the landowner ruled the ___.
    a. serf
    b. surf

  17. The audience laughed as he ___ the antics of a drunk.
    a. guide
    b. guyed

  18. Fred belongs to the local scout ___.
    a. troop
    b. troupe

  19. That meat should have been ___ out days ago.
    a. throne
    b. thrown

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