Homonyms - Quiz 38

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  1. The Queen sat on her ___ to open parliament.
    a. throne
    b. thrown

  2. You need to ___ the pros and cons to make a good decision.
    a. way
    b. weigh

  3. The wrestler ___ his challenger in the stomach.
    a. knead
    b. kneed
    c. need

  4. You need to ___ the salad dressing before you pour it out.
    a. shake
    b. sheik

  5. The American ___ has the power to grant visas.
    a. counsel
    b. council
    c. consul

  6. Tell the ___ truth and nothing but the truth.
    a. hole
    b. whole

  7. The toilet paper had an herbal ___.
    a. cent
    b. scent
    c. sent

  8. You can not ___ the problem by running away.
    a. elude
    b. allude

  9. I am not ___ anything. I am for everything.
    a. ante
    b. anti

  10. The whole is worth more than the ___ of its parts.
    a. some
    b. sum

  11. I can't believe that I ___ the whole thing!
    a. ate
    b. eight

  12. The loud ___ of the clock kept me awake.
    a. tic
    b. tick

  13. The dry air made his throat feel ___.
    a. soar
    b. sore

  14. Salmon ___ is delicious on hot rice.
    a. roe
    b. row

  15. Animal rights activists despise ___ coats.
    a. fir
    b. fur

  16. She is an expert in the ___ arts.
    a. marshall
    b. martial

  17. When I have a choice, I prefer lager to ___ or stout beer.
    a. ail
    b. ale

  18. Do not be a ___ picker.
    a. knit
    b. nit

  19. Come ___ right this minute!
    a. hear
    b. here

  20. The ___ of reckoning has come.
    a. hour
    b. our

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