Homonyms - Quiz 39

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  1. The ___ base was in the Red Sea.
    a. naval
    b. navel

  2. The ___ of the ship is at the front.
    a. bough
    b. bow

  3. Sea ___ is a particular type of seaweed.
    a. rack
    b. wrack

  4. The ___ is the animal featured on the Canadian quarter.
    a. moose
    b. mousse

  5. The ___ is the building in Washington in which the American Congress meets.
    a. capital
    b. capitol

  6. An area of land without trees is a ___.
    a. step
    b. steppe

  7. She made ___ inquiries about the rental price.
    a. discreet
    b. discrete

  8. Put the potatoes in the ___.
    a. been
    b. bin

  9. This medication will ___ the pain.
    a. lessen
    b. lesson

  10. He made a ___ decision when he fired Marjorie.
    a. bad
    b. bade

  11. Queen Elizabeth II ___ England.
    a. rains
    b. reigns
    c. reins

  12. This new information does not ___ my opinion of him.
    a. altar
    b. alter

  13. The special bargain is two ___ the price of one.
    a. for
    b. fore
    c. four

  14. The gift was ___ in red shiny cellophane.
    a. rapt
    b. wrapped

  15. I can hardly ___ in this smoky room!
    a. breath
    b. breathe

  16. My mother's favorite flower was the yellow ___.
    a. rose
    b. rows

  17. A ___ is a curve in a coast line that is not curved enough to be considered a bay.
    a. bight
    b. bite
    c. byte

  18. A son is a ___ child.
    a. mail
    b. male

  19. Pie a la ___ is pie with ice cream.
    a. mode
    b. mowed

  20. The miners were digging for iron ___.
    a. oar
    b. ore
    c. or

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