Homonyms - Quiz 40

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  1. I often read ___ I eat.
    a. while
    b. wile

  2. A person who receives property from the estate of a person who has died is called an ___.
    a. air
    b. heir
    c. ere
    d. err

  3. Ranchers keep their horse in a ___.
    a. chorale
    b. corral

  4. February is the time of the year that many people get colds and ___.
    a. flew
    b. flue
    c. flu

  5. Beavers are ___building rodents.
    a. dam
    b. damn

  6. The wash ___ are in the top drawer.
    a. cloths
    b. clothes

  7. Writers like to live high above the world in a ___.
    a. garret
    b. garrote

  8. Exercise and dieting will help you to lose ___ weight.
    a. excess
    b. access

  9. Look at the ___ bird in the tree!
    a. we
    b. wee

  10. In poetry, a ___ is a grassy open space.
    a. lay
    b. lei
    c. lea

  11. Temptation makes it difficult to live a ___ and pure life.
    a. chased
    b. chaste

  12. Are you the ___ with the dog?
    a. one
    b. won

  13. A honey ___ flew into the room.
    a. be
    b. bee

  14. Frankly, my dear I don't give a ___.
    a. dam
    b. damn

  15. Thank you for coming to my ___. I really needed your help.
    a. ade
    b. aid

  16. Someone close to him seems to like to ___ important information about the case.
    a. leak
    b. leek

  17. When the ___ breaks the baby will fall.
    a. bough
    b. bow

  18. Her hair was thick and ___ rather than thin and fine.
    a. coarse
    b. course

  19. She worked on weekends at a ___ store.
    a. stationary
    b. stationery

  20. My ___ is naturally curly.
    a. hair
    b. hare

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