Homonyms - Quiz 46

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  1. A ___ sweater is perfect as a gift.
    a. knit
    b. nit

  2. Can you ___ the apples for me?
    a. peal
    b. peel

  3. A snowy owl ___ upon mice, rabbits and other small animals.
    a. praise
    b. prays
    c. preys

  4. The baby had ___ quietly for two hours when it awoke.
    a. lain
    b. lane

  5. I need a ___ of fresh air.
    a. breath
    b. breathe

  6. Barney dances every night at the ___.
    a. review
    b. revue

  7. He ___ his brother-in-laws' car to the shop.
    a. towed
    b. toed

  8. He was released from jail after he posted $50,000 ___.
    a. bail
    b. bale

  9. Do you ___ if I drive?
    a. mind
    b. mined

  10. She ___ the children down the street.
    a. lead
    b. led

  11. I was ___ how to ride a bike when I was three.
    a. shone
    b. shown

  12. The ___ is the largest mammal found in the ocean.
    a. wail
    b. whale

  13. She ___ all of her letters up before she throws them away.
    a. tares
    b. tears

  14. Say ___ to her for me.
    a. hi
    b. high

  15. This car has the right of ___.
    a. way
    b. weigh

  16. Malaria is a water ___ disease.
    a. born
    b. borne

  17. Rebecca wrote every night in her ___.
    a. dairy
    b. diary

  18. Let the ___ be forgotten.
    a. passed
    b. past

  19. The tree was covered with ___ in the early morning.
    a. rhyme
    b. rime

  20. He developed a nervous ___ when he stopped using his left hand to write.
    a. tic
    b. tick

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