Homonyms - Quiz 47

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  1. A place I remember from my childhood is the little brown church in the ___.
    a. vale
    b. veil

  2. Meet me at the first ___ at sunrise.
    a. tea
    b. tee

    a. This has been a ___ effort.
    b. team
    c. teem

  3. The fog rolled across the ___.
    a. moor
    b. more

  4. I ___ her a letter but she did not reply.
    a. rote
    b. wrote

  5. A rabbit looks very much like a ___.
    a. hair
    b. hare

  6. It took three hours to ___ out that tiny garden.
    a. weed
    b. we'd

  7. In English, proper names always begin with a ___ letter.
    a. capital
    b. capitol

  8. The honeybee returned to ___ hive.
    a. its
    b. it's

  9. Milk and cheese are examples of ___ products.
    a. dairy
    b. diary

  10. The choice is yours; fight or ___.
    a. flea
    b. flee

  11. One type of evergreen is the Douglas ___.
    a. fir
    b. fur

  12. The art of ___ arrangement takes many years of patient loving practice to master.
    a. flour
    b. flower

  13. The cruel ___ is raging and young men are asked to fight.
    a. war
    b. wore

  14. Are you in ___?
    a. pain
    b. pane

  15. Her novels regularly ___ the depths of human despair.
    a. plum
    b. plumb

  16. She may not be very pretty but she is not exactly ___ either.
    a. plain
    b. plane

  17. Do not ___ illness to get out of work.
    a. fain
    b. feign

  18. He ___ her fingers loose from the package.
    a. pride
    b. pried

  19. A girl that sleeps around is considered a ___.
    a. hoar
    b. whore

  20. We use ___ to loosen the soil and cut away weeds.
    a. hoes
    b. hose

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