Homonyms - Quiz 48

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  1. I used to have a slim ___ when I was a teenager.
    a. waist
    b. waste

  2. As ___ falls the stars start to appear in the sky.
    a. night
    b. knight

  3. ___ is what horses eat.
    a. Hay
    b. Hey

  4. The ___ to a man's heart is his stomach.
    a. key
    b. quay

  5. The ___ walked his dog down the street every morning.
    a. boy
    b. buoy

  6. The fraternity was called ___ epsilon.
    a. psi
    b. sigh

  7. That machine makes a round ___ of hay.
    a. bail
    b. bale

  8. Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open ___.
    a. slay
    b. sleigh

  9. He stubbed out his cigarette ___ in the ashtray.
    a. but
    b. butt

  10. Her face turned as red as a ___.
    a. beat
    b. beet

  11. The hockey players were ___ from the club because of their behavior.
    a. band
    b. banned

  12. Give me ___, please.
    a. to
    b. too
    c. two

  13. She dresses with style and ___.
    a. flair
    b. flare

  14. His dream was to sail the high ___.
    a. seas
    b. seize

  15. It is easy to cross a fence by climbing a ___.
    a. stile
    b. style

  16. In an emergency use a ___ to attract attention.
    a. flair
    b. flare

  17. We like to exercise at least three days each week.
    a. weak
    b. week

  18. The eagle kept its ___ high up on a cliff.
    a. eerie
    b. Erie
    c. eyrie

  19. After his ship was wrecked he lived on a desert ___ in the middle of the ocean.
    a. aisle
    b. isle
    c. I'll

  20. The elite group is called a ___.
    a. click
    b. clique

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