Homonyms - Quiz 49

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  1. The bride walked slowly down the ___.
    a. aisle
    b. isle
    c. I'll

  2. A skunk smells its own ___ first.
    a. scent
    b. sent
    c. cent

  3. He walked for days in the ___ without seeing another living thing, only sand.
    a. desert
    b. dessert

  4. The salad bowl was made of ___.
    a. wood
    b. would

  5. Not all poetry has a ___ scheme.
    a. rhyme
    b. rime

  6. The female dog was ___ so that she could no longer have puppies.
    a. spade
    b. spayed

  7. The family had a secret ___ of diamonds that they used to pay for their passage out of the country.
    a. cache
    b. cash

  8. A chain is only as strong as its ___.
    a. links
    b. lynx

  9. How can you make such a ___ suggestion?
    a. vial
    b. vile

  10. Step on the ___! Stop!
    a. brake
    b. break

  11. The park was the site of ___ murder.
    a. grisly
    b. grizzly

  12. An introductory essay in a book is called the ___.
    a. foreword
    b. forward

  13. One percussion instrument in the orchestra is the ___.
    a. cymbal
    b. symbol

  14. She was a princess if ___ there was one!
    a. air
    b. heir
    c. ere
    d. err

  15. Two bits is that same as 25 ___.
    a. cents
    b. sense

  16. I am just ___ to see you!
    a. dyeing
    b. dying

  17. Those who agree, say ___.
    a. aye
    b. eye
    c. I

  18. Parsley, sage, rosemary and ___ are fragrant spices.
    a. thyme
    b. time

  19. Go out and check the ___ box, will you.
    a. mail
    b. male

  20. He ___ the strength to try again.
    a. mustard
    b. mustered

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