Homonyms - Quiz 50

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  1. If the weather gets colder, the tomatoes will ___.
    a. freeze
    b. frieze

  2. To ___ is human. To forgive is divine.
    a. air
    b. heir
    c. ere
    d. err

  3. If you are going to the conference, maybe ___ can travel together.
    a. we
    b. wee

  4. If you use the author's thoughts you must ___ the source.
    a. sight
    b. site
    c. cite

  5. Make a ___ turn at the next corner and drive two more blocks.
    a. right
    b. rite
    c. wright
    d. write

  6. The ___ filled with water until it burst.
    a. hoes
    b. hose

  7. The ___ was hard to follow after the rain.
    a. trail
    b. trial

  8. The ___ had a party after the play was over.
    a. cast
    b. caste

  9. The ___ and ice storms in Eastern Canada and the United States left many homes without power.
    a. hail
    b. hale

  10. He always wanted to sail the ___.
    a. sea
    b. see

  11. I ___ all about it in the morning newspaper.
    a. read
    b. red

  12. She heaved a great ___ as she climbed the stairs.
    a. psi
    b. sigh

  13. I ___ be small but I am fast.
    a. might
    b. mite

  14. The baby dropped the candy and began to ___.
    a. ball
    b. bawl

  15. How much will that be with sales ___?
    a. tacks
    a. tax

  16. I would ___ like to go with you.
    a. knot
    b. not

  17. Carol eats ___ with every meal.
    a. bread
    b. bred

  18. She keeps her root vegetables in the base___.
    a. meant
    b. ment(a suffix)

  19. Walking on a tightrope between two high rise buildings is an amazing, dangerous and stupid ___.
    a. feat
    b. feet

  20. Stop the ___ chatter and get back to work.
    a. idle
    b. idol

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