Homonyms - Quiz 51

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  1. Take the trash out into the ___ and put it in the garbage can.
    a. hall
    b. haul

  2. There is ___ way that I will go with you.
    a. know
    b. no

  3. Swimsuits are kept in the sports ___ department.
    a. ware
    b. wear
    c. where

  4. The bull ___ the Toreador with his horns.
    a. gored
    b. gourd

  5. The commercial jet ___ swiftly through the clouds.
    a. flew
    b. flue
    c. flu

  6. One can easily get lost in a ___.
    a. maize
    b. maze

  7. Wait in line. Go to the end of the ___.
    a. cue
    b. queue

  8. Everyone went to the party ___ John.
    a. except
    b. accept

  9. The sun ___ bright on their wedding day.
    a. shone
    b. shown

  10. I can not get that ___ stain out of your shirt.
    a. berry
    b. bury

  11. How can you hope to become a professional musician if you will not ___.
    a. practice

  12. The wine ___ had twenty years of experience purchasing and pricing wines from many different regions.
    a. cellar
    b. seller

  13. Your mother's sister is called your ___.
    a. ant
    b. aunt

  14. Set another ___ at the table because we are expecting a guest.
    a. place
    b. plaice

  15. The first ___ of the sun in the morning made a pink glow in the sky.
    a. raise
    b. rays
    c. raze

  16. After she passed the bar exam she began to ___ as a lawyer in New York.
    a. practice
    b. practise

  17. We went to a ___ tasting party last night.
    a. whine
    b. wine

  18. Go to the end of the ___ and wait your turn.
    a. queue
    b. cue

  19. She always thought of her husband as a kind of "___ in shining armor", a hero.
    a. knight
    b. night

  20. The shy youth felt tongue ___ in front of girls.
    a. tide
    b. tied

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